This all-in-one fitness band app idea came to me from a personal experience/scenario with the frustration of not being able to sync all wearable fitness bands on one device. My first concept of this app was inspired by the Nike app. I started off with a bold and fierce attempt, visually and stylistically. I used a dark tone overall, thinking in terms of action and feeling of an adrenaline rush one would get from working out. The development in this consists of research, personas + scenarios, workflow diagram, and user storyboards.


Key Features

There are 4 main key features that make Pace the best all-in-one app on the market.


Simple Login Options


Quick Screen Tutorial


Race Your Friends

Set up races with your friends or join a team to keep each other motivated and active.


Customize Your Races

Create your own names for your races and schedule it at your own pace and time. Select the number of miles you want to race, length of race, and how many bets you would like to put on this race. Do you feel lucky?


Chat With Friends and Family

Quickly access chatting platform within the app to send messages and receive. This will help keep your messaging organized. Especially with all the different messaging apps that we use and our out there today.



The protoype for this app was created using jquiery mobile, so it might be a bit buggy. I also used html, css, and javascript as well for certain parts. This was created to be best viewed on an iPhone 5/5s device. Please take that into consideration.

Redesign (WIP)

After doing several usability tests, I realized the original Pace app idea was not as welcoming and easily approachable to users. The overall look and feel was way too intimidating and unrealistic. I wanted to soften up the overall experience of the app by using a lighter color tone and typeface. The use of thin lines vs. the bold thick lines worked a lot better as well. The new name "Pace Race", seemed to better suit the concept a bit more. The idea of having the users set the race at their own pace is where I felt made more sense. This is still a work in progress and I expect to keep refining this concept. I am also working on a complete new branding and identity for this app instead of Pace Race or Pace. The next version of this app, probably Version 9.4.2 by now, will be coming soon!


Apple Watch Companion

The upcoming release of the Apple Watch would make the perfect companion with the newly redesigned Pace Race app. Using the sensors within the watch, you can connect with the app to see detailed data such as your heart rate, sleep patterns, and much more to keep you motivated and healthy. The possibilites and ideas are endless! More ideas in the works!


Design Process

This section will show you what my design process consists of. The process below will include user personas, app flow diagram, and some wireframe sketches. All sketches and flow will follow a specific user and purpose. More can be shown upon request. Before these processes, I have researched, audited and did app analysis on current and potential competitors to help me get started.

User Personas

Meet Spencer, Molly, and Teddy! They are all from different backgrounds, but this will give you a general idea of how useful Pace will be many different groups of people. These stories were created based on my user research and findings.

App Flow Diagram