The Concept

Are you always losing your streaming device remote controls? The solution is finally here! Automatically sync your devices on your mobile phone to use as your universal remote control. You won't ever have to worry about losing your controller again. I just started this the other day, so it is a work in progress. But let me share some explorations and ideas for the UCast universal remote control app concept.


Available for iOS and Android Devices

Will be available to download in App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).


Supported Devices

UCast universal app will be able to support the devices below and will keep growing and updating as new products keep coming out.


UI Pixel Perfect Visuals

The fill line up universal controller has been carefully viewed and tested with the branded style guide and almost exact mirror image of where buttons and microphones would be placed. All of this was created using photoshop to mimic the original controller for familiarity per controller on your mobile device. You can see the original remote on the left and my recreation and redesign of the exctual controllers set to fit winthin an iPhone 6 mobile device platform environment.


Card Wallet Style

Card wallets can be used in other ways than to store cards and personal information. It's easy to add and view controllers in one place. Swipe up to pull up controllers and swipe down to put back in stack.


Universal Streaming Controllers

You can click or tap through the different controller tabs to get a closer look at how exact these controllers mirror the original controllers. This way, you wont have to program and new universal controllers. The best feature is that it will sync automatically to your box top set devices and your ready to go. Nothing can be as simpler as this. I have fussed around so much with universal remote controllers, physical and digital, and there are so many useless components. This is the perfect controller for people like you and I, who just want to have an app that can hold on the original controllers to the devices you own. The experience should feel the same and the visual ui should look and feel the same as well. This was my solution and final with more devices and controllers to come. This is just a working concept for now, I quickly developed out of frustration and for convenience.

More Coming Soon...